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Community Engagement Strategy

The Community Engagement Strategy was adopted by the Council on 6 February 2015.

Community engagement is a way of including the views of our community in our planning and decision making processes. In other words, we engage with our community to identify, understand and develop strategies to address and respond to their needs and concerns for now and in the future. Engaging with the community is part of the Central Deserts Shire’s undertaking to operate with “high standards of communication, transparency and openness” as indicated in the Council’s strategic plan.

This means that Council needs to be open and accountable to the community and provide ample opportunity for feedback. Council acknowledges that by involving a cross section of the community in a consultative process, it can make better decisions. Council also knows that strong relationships with the community is integral and is built on trust, goodwill and respect with the community.

It is intended that this Community Engagement Strategy and Policy framework will give the community a clear understanding of:

  • Council’s commitment to Community Engagement;
  • When Community Engagement will occur;
  • What level of engagement will occur;
  • How the Community Engagement process will be managed.

The Strategy can be accessed here.