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Executive Team

The Central Desert Regional Council has three directorates reporting to the Office of the Chief Executive Officer.  The directorates and services they deliver are listed below. 

Chief Executive Officer

Dianne Hood

Ph: (08) 8958 9530

Responsible for:

  • Overall management
  • Government relations
  • Advocacy


Corporate Services

Craig Catchlove
Craig Catchlove
Ph: (08) 8958 9531

Responsible for:

  • Financial management
  • Financial performance and reporting
  • Compliance and quality assurance
  • Risk management and insurance
  • Human Resource management
  • Customer service
  • Information systems management
  • Governance and administration of Council, Local Authorities and Committees
  • Public and corporate relations



Position Vacant


Responsible for:

  • Municipal Service Delivery
  • Maintenance of Council controlled facilities and amenities
  • Commerical contract management
  • Asset Management including Fleet, Facilities and Roads
  • Animal welfare and control
  • Cemetery management
  • Local emergency service
  • Waste management
  • Homelands
  • Capital Projects

Community Services

John Gaynor
Ph: (08) 8958 9527

Responsible for:

  • Libraries. arts and culture
  • Aged and disabled care
  • Vacation and after school care services
  • Childrens services
  • School nutrition program
  • Domestic violence mediation and education
  • Community safety (Night patrol)
  • Youth, sport and recreation
  • Economic development and Tourism
  • CDP program