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2016/2017 Regional Council Plan

As part of the Council’s planning process, the staff and Councillors undertook a number of community planning meetings.  I was able to attend a number of these sessions and was extremely pleased by the great participation of community members.

It gives me great pleasure to see local people making decisions for their communities and giving good advice to the Council.

In this plan, community members will be able to see their priorities and ideas reflected in the Council actions.  The other Councillors and I have also worked hard to ensure that spending is spread fairly between communities.

I am very pleased to see that the Northern Territory Government has continued its funding of the Local Authority Projects as this provides an important funds for our Local Authorities to direct to projects in their community.

Over the past twelve months we have seen many projects undertaken with the assistance of Granites Mine Affected Area Aboriginal Corporation (GMAAAC) funding and leasing funding.  This willingness by community to support Council initiatives provides me with great confidence that the Council is listening to its communities.  I very much hope that this will continue into 2016/17.

In this plan, the Council continues to prioritise community-based positions where possible.  Currently, nearly 80% of all positions are based in community and, as staff housing in communities becomes available, this is set to increase.  We are also investing in training and development of our staff and we continue to see healthy numbers of local people taking supervisory positions. 

Although we are facing another year of tight budgets, our service levels in our communities will be maintained.  In addition, thanks to additional funding, we are able extend our services.  I am very pleased to see Engawala being the recipient of Strong Families and Communities funding which has means that this community will see the establishment of a much needed playgroup.  Council will also receive additional funding to support youth in Atitjere.

My continuing thanks to the Councillors, local authority members and staff for all their hard work.

Cr Adrian Dixon
Council President