Plans and Strategies

The Council adopts Plans and Strategies to assist in the management of specific issues or service areas within the Council.

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East MacDonnell Plenty Highway Visitor Experience Master Plan

This Visitor Experience Master Plan has been developed in collaboration with local communities, landholders, Traditional Owners, the tourism industry, local government and agency stakeholders. By understanding our target markets, existing experiences, aspirations of local people and gaps, we have developed a Plan that has significant potential to stimulate growth in the East MacDonnell-Plenty Highway visitor economy and provide business and employment opportunities for Aboriginal communities and local businesses.

Click here to view it: East MacDonnell Plenty Highway Visitor Experience Master Plan

Economic Development and Tourism Plan

Council plays a lead role in the economic development and promotion of Central Desert Regional Council communities and is charged with making the most of Council’s assets to secure prosperity and jobs for the long-term future of the region.

Council has prepared this Economic Development and Tourism Plan (EDTP) to support the success of the existing strategic action plan for the Central Desert Region economy and the Central Australian region more broadly.

Click here to view it: Economic Development and Tourism Plan and its update: Economic Development and Tourism Plan Update

Family Wellbeing Strategy

The Central Desert Regional Council delivers services that look after people from the cradle, when they're born, right through life, as developing children, young adults, working age through to the elderly, indeed, to the grave.

We are if you like a whole of life organisation. 

So we employ a lot of people to care for your families, and for the environment and communities you live in.

It would be very easy for people to only focus on what is their responsibility and not look around them to see what else is going on. But we know that everything is connected to everything else. One drop of water into the puddle below sends ripples out from the centre. That one drop of water changes the depth of the water as well as the surface of the water. It has an effect on the entire puddle.

Our services are like that too. If we get our childcare services right, it helps parents grow their kids up stronger and gives kids a better understanding when they go to school. If kids do well at school, and they learn to read and write, it helps them get good jobs. We know that having a job provides a stronger purpose in life and helps keep people healthy, mentally and physically, in the mind and the heart.

We know that looking after the elderly helps keep your stories and communities strong. The old people have the knowledge and wisdom and provide the foundation upon which you build a future for your children.

So its important that when we deliver services, they are joined up so that we are doing the very best for your community with the money that we have.

But it's also important that we work together with other services in our communities. The school, the clinic, the Police, the store, child care, outstations, Central Land Council. We're all working for the same people. Its our responsibility to work together.

That's what the Family Wellbeing Strategy does. It's a plan. As Mr President says, it's a road map. It sets out where we are now and where we want to go. What we do and how we work together now and what new things we want to do to help us get to our destination. That is, a place where families are healthy and happy and communities are strong and vibrant.

Click here to view it: Family Wellbeing Strategy