Reviews are discussion papers or formal review undertaken to determine or explore the Council's position on a specific issue.  The following reviews are available for download.

Electoral Representation Review 2010/2011

Under the NT Local Government Act 2008 local governments in the Northern Territory must review the adequacy of their electoral representation arrangements at least once during the term of a council. In the Central Desert Shire these arrangements were put in place by the Department of Local Government, following consultations with a Shire Transition Committee prior to the first shire elections in October 2008. This review was the first opportunity for elected members of the Central Desert Shire Council to review these arrangements. Council conducted an electoral representation review between August 2010 and February 2011.

Please see the attached reports for the full electoral review report.

Electoral Representation Review 2015

Every four years council must review how voters are represented at council.  Council will seek community consultation on the plan and include views on key questions which will be shared with residents and Local Authorities. Council will then consider and make recommendation to the Minister its electoral approach and associated issues.

Please see the attached reports for the full Electoral Review Discussion Paper.

Feedback period closed on 30th January 2015.

Rating Review 2011

In 2011/12 the rating limitations imposed on the Shire Councils as a result of Government Gazette No. S8 dated 25 February 2009, expire. This will allow the Shire to review their rating policy and modify, if required, the rates applied to rateable land within the Shire. According to the Ministerial guidelines, a Council is required to advise the Minister of its rating proposal in relation to conditionally rateable land no later than February.

In February 2011, Council adopted a Rates Discussion Paper this paper:

  • Provide a background to the Shire’s current rating practices;
  • Assist the community to develop an understanding of rating and its connection to the Council’s overall financial sustainability;
  • Provide alternative rating options for consideration by the community and the Council; and
  • Provide opportunities to make comment and provide feedback to further inform future rating proposals by the Council.

The Council undertook a wide consultation process during the last quarter of 2011 resulting in a consultation outcomes paper and rating options paper being presented to Council in February 2012.  The various papers and presentation materials are presented below for information.

On February 2012 Council resolved to continue with the conditional rating guidelines as established in the Ministerial Guidelines.