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Council Committees

The Council currently has four Council Committees, the Finance Committee, the CEO Performance Review Committee, the Audit and Risk Committee and the Social Justice Committee.  Council formed committees are an important part of Council and may assist Council to undertake specific roles and functions when a full Council is not formed.

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee assists the Council to oversee the allocation of the local government's finances and resources. It operates as an executive committee under S55 of LGA.  Specifically it undertakes the financial management roles of Council in the months that the Council does not meet. The Finance Committee meets once every second month (in between Council meetings).  The Finance Committee:

  • Ensures the annual budget is aligned with the Business Plan.
  • Monitors and reports on financial performance against the annual budget and the Business Plan.
  • Formulates strategies to improve the Council's financial position.
  • Makes executive financial decisions on behalf of Council when the matter cannot be held over until the next ordinary Council meeting.
  • Monitors compliance with appropriate legislative and accounting standards.

The Finance Committee comprises of the President Adrian Dixon, Crs , James Glenn, Jacob Spencer, Robert George and April Martin.

Audit and Risk Committee

The Audit and Risk Committee (the Committee) is established as an advisory committee to the Council under S55 LGA.  The Committee is to provide independent assurance and assistance to the Central Desert Regional Council (the Council) and the Chief Executive Officer on:

  • The Council’s risk, control and compliance frameworks;
  • The Council’s external accountability responsibilities as prescribed in the Local Government Act and Accounting Regulations.

The Audit and Risk Committee comprises the President Adrian Dixon and Councillors Fred Williams, William Liddle, David McCormack and an independent chairperson of the Committee.


CEO Performance Review Committee

The CEO Performance Review Committee meets to review the CEO’s Performance and makes recommendations to the Council regarding performance matters. The Committee meets approximately two times a year but may convene more regularly if required. The CEO Performance Review Committee operates as an advisory committee under S55 LGA.  The committee operates as a confidential committee.

The CEO Performance Review Committee comprises of the President (Cr Adrian Dixon), the Deputy President (Warren Williams) and two Councillors (Freddy Williams and Warren Williams).

Administrative Review Committee

The Administrative Review Committee is established, in line with section 229(1) of the Local Government Act (the Act), to inquire into applications for a review of a decision of Council or an Officer of Council, that is designated as reviewable.

A decision can be designated as reviewable by the Act or by resolution of Council and includes, for example, a decision to reject an application for correction of an entry in the rates assessment record.

The Administrative Review Committee comprises the Chief Executive Officer, the Direcor of Corporate Services and a Director or Officer of Council who is a subject matter expert in the matter being reviewed.