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Council Committees


The Council currently has two Council Committees: the Audit Committee and the CEO Performance Review Committee. Council formed committees are an important part of Council and may assist Council to undertake specific roles and functions when a full Council is not formed.

Note that the Audit Committee has taken the place of the previous Audit and Risk Committee and the Finance Committee.

Click on Committee Meetings to view the details of upcoming meetings.

Audit Committee

The CDRC Audit Committee is established as an audit committee to the Council in accordance with the Local Government Act, 2019 Part 5.3,sections 86- 89 and the Local Government (General) Regulations 2021 Part 2, section 19.

The Committee is scheduled for the intervening months where there is no scheduled Council meeting and has the functions as described under section 87 of the Act:

  (a) Monitors and reviews the integrity of the Council's financial management;
  (b) Monitors and reviews internal controls; and
  (c) Makes recommendations to council about any matters the committee considers needs council's consideration as a result of its functions.

The Audit Committee comprises of Councillors Warren Williams, April Martin and William Liddle, as well as independent members Lucy Ayre and Fran Kilgariff.

For the Audit Committee terms of reference please click on: Audit Committee Terms of Reference

CEO Performance Review Committee

The CEO Performance Review Committee meets to review the CEO’s performance and makes recommendations to the Council regarding performance matters. The Committee meets approximately two times a year but may convene more regularly if required. The CEO Performance Review Committee operates as an advisory committee under Section 83 of the Local Government Act. The committee operates as a confidential committee.

The CEO Performance Review Committee comprises of the President, Cr Adrian Dixon, the Deputy President, Cr Warren Williams, Cr Jeff Iversen and Cr Nathaniel Dixon.

For the CEO Performance Review Committee terms of reference please click on: CEO Performance Review Committee Terms of Reference