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Companion Animal Management

The Council is committed to providing animal management services to the Council's communities and several major outstations.  The Council undertakes regular routine visits. During these visits dogs were treated for internal and external parasites, de-sexed (with the owner’s consent) or put down (with the owner’s consent). Vets were also asked to support local participation in animal management and promote education about animal management.

Council’s Animal Management Plan aims to work with communities and outstations to achieve responsible pet ownership, better animal welfare outcomes and safer, healthier communities.

Through education, communication and support, we can achieve this goal for the benefit of all residents, businesses and visitors within our communities and for the improvement of our environment.

The plan is designed to guide our approach to animal management issues for the next three years. Although there are legislative requirements regarding animal welfare, this plan is based on a cooperative, non-regulatory approach to animal management, with legislation as a back-up measure.

For more information on the Council's approach please click on the Council's Policies Page to view the Animal Management Policy.