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Indigenous Workforce Development Strategy

The Central Desert Regional Council (the Council) is strongly committed to increasing the number of Indigenous people employed across the organisation. The Council’s Vision of Two Ways :: One Outcome - Indigenous and non-Indigenous working together for the best outcomes recognises and celebrates the richness of Indigenous cultures and the unique skills and value that Indigenous staff bring to the Council. 

In October 2011, Council formally acknowledged and demonstrated its commitment to the improvement of social and economic opportunities for Indigenous people through employment and development opportunities by the adoption of an Indigenous Employment Policy. The importance of increasing the number of Indigenous employees at Council cannot be underestimated.

This goal is central to ensuring the provision of culturally appropriate services to Indigenous people and to increasing opportunities for economic and social equity. The employment of Indigenous people within Council provides an important contribution to achieving Council’s policy development, service delivery, employment and equity outcomes.

The Council’s Indigenous Workforce Development Strategy will provide a framework for the delivery of improved employment outcomes for Indigenous peoples throughout the Shire. 

One of the major issues facing our workforce today is work and life balances, an issue that is receiving increase attention at an international, national and local level. The Council recognises that all employees have commitments and interests outside the workplace, including family, friends, sports and cultural activities which all contribute to their general health and well-being. In the interest of achieving a stable, committed and capable workforce, the Council will promote flexibility in its employment arrangements to be more responsive to employee’s personal commitments.  Workers are increasingly encouraged to be multi-skilled and see themselves as service providers rather than just workers.

As the key employer and supporting the Government’s commitment to “Closing the Gap” for Indigenous peoples, the Council has an important role to play in modelling better practice to the Indigenous communities and strengthening community capacity.

The Indigenous Workforce Development Strategy will generate and establish successful work opportunities and employment outcomes for Indigenous peoples and increased employment of local Indigenous people. This Strategy can also help build up the skills of all our communities so that they are more confident and capable in developing and delivering services to the wider community.