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Member Allowances 2015-16

In accordance with Section 200(f) and Section 71 of the Local Government Act, Central Desert Regional Council has declared the following elected member allowances in 2015/16:

Elected Member Allowances



Deputy President


Base Allowance




Electoral Allowance




PD Allowance*




Max extra meeting allowance




Total Claimable


$ 35,329.50

$ 30,234.88

*The professional development allowance includes costs for travel, accommodation, meals and course or conference fees.

Extra meeting allowance has been established as $121.28 per meeting.

Local Authority Allowances

Local Authority Allowances are established by the Minister for Local Government.  On the 29 January 2016, the Minister set the allowances for Local Authorities based on revenue units as follows:

  • Chair, if eligible, 143 revenue units
  • other eligible members 107 revenue units.

The Department of Treasury and Finance has established the revenue unit for the period 1 July 2015-30 June 2016 at $1.15 per unit (rounded to the nearest dollar).


Local Authority 

Local Authority 

Revenue Units



Base Allowance per meeting



Scheduled 5 meetings per year