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2013/2014 Shire Plan Adopted

At the Special Council meeting held on 21st June 2013, Council adopted the 2013/2014 Shire Plan. 

"I am really pleased to present the Shire plan for 2013/14" said Shire President Dixon.   "This is a big picture plan, it tells the story of what we want to do, what we hope to achieve over the next year. But this is not just the Council’s plan. It belongs to everyone in the Central Desert region. All the residents and the workers have played their part in this plan being put together."

The Shire Plan is the culmination of many months of community planning undertaken by the Council and demonstrates the Council's continued commitment to genuine community engagement.

The Shire Plan sets the direction for Council’s operations, service delivery, decisions, policies and budgets over the next year, four years and beyond. It sets out the key issues to be pursued by Council to address the community’s needs and aspirations. The Shire Plan will drive Council’s decision making and resource allocation.

For more information please see our Shire Plan page.