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2015-2016 Annual Report Available Now

The 2015/16 Annual Report is attached below.  The document can also be viewed online via this link.

I am very proud to present the Annual Report for 2015/16. Once again the Annual Report demonstrates the strength and achievements of the Council. These achievements would not be possible without the contribution made to the Council by its dedicated staff, Councillors and local authority members. 

The impact of a strong community voice, dedicated staff and solid leadership can be felt across the region. The Council continues to focus on ensuring that high quality services are provided to our community members. It is gratifying to see the impact that these services have on community life. Whether it helping parents grow kids up strong, providing employment, job training or keeping our culture strong by supporting our old people, the Council has a part to play. This year we have continued to focus on ensuring our services are joined up so that they can provide the best outcomes. The Council recognises that it is important to work together with our own services as well as other agencies to ensure that we achieve the best possible outcomes on the ground. Our focus on family wellbeing, and the work we have been doing to develop this strategy, has seen us renew our commitment to constructive partnerships, with community and with service providers, and to approach these partnerships with a genuine attitude of collaboration.

The outcomes of this collaboration are clear to see. During the year we have delivered on a number of significant projects for the community. Our focus on upgrading sporting facilities has proved popular and successful with both the Lajamanu and Yuendumu ovals hosting major sporting events. The upgrade of these facilities, including the installation of competition quality lighting, was supported by the Northern Territory Government.

Pmara Jutunta and Yuelamu have also seen upgrades to their sporting facilities with both communities receiving ABA funds to upgrade their softball field and basketball courts. Work on these facilities will be completed during the 2016/17 financial year.

Work also commenced on reinstating roads damaged during the unseasonal rains in January 2015. Reinstatement of roads to a value of $5million is well underway thanks to joint NT and Commonwealth funding under the NDRRA program.

It is pleasing to see that all of these projects, plus many others too numerous to mention, have been delivered with strong support from our community and with the help of CDP participants. It makes me incredibly proud to see the positive impact that our communities and community members can make through their hard work, either as CDP participants or as paid employees of the Council.

Working together as a team has enabled the Council and its communities to thrive. Thank you to all of those people who have helped make this happen.

I would also like to thank the Chief Executive Officer, her Executive Team and the other Council employees whose expertise and commitment has made the Central Desert Regional Council what it is today. I am also grateful for the support that I have received from my fellow Councillors in what has been an exciting year.

Cr Adrian Dixon