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All Indigenous Roads Crew on the Move

A local road contracting company has partnered with the Central Desert Shire to train and reinstate the Council’s all indigenous roads team.  As part of a recent road works contract in the Yuelamu and Nyirripi area, the contractor agreed to mentor the Council’s local staff and provide training on skills that they lacked or needed improvement on.  The existing skills and expertise of the Council’s road crew soon became apparent as the contractor realised the crew knew almost every bit of what was being talked about.

The introduction of some new methods and a refresher on proper technique soon had the Council crew opening table drains and cutting spoons and drains on the Yuelamu access road.

The roads crew soon moved on to the Council’s next R2R project and the continued grading the Nyirripi access road right through to Nyirripi and then back via New Haven through a short cut looping back into the Nyirripi access road.

These sections of road posed many challenges as the road had not been maintenance graded for a while and clearing vegetation was a huge problem.  Also after years of flat bladed grading, which only cleared corrugations, the formation of the road had slowly vanished and the road had become a dish drain in many sections.  The crew tackled all the challenges with gusto and completed the task in a timely and professional manner.

Congratulations to the road crew members: Brian Wilson, Cyril Kunoth, Doug Wilson and Gabriel Wilson. 

An official opening of the completed upgrade works on the Nyirripi  Access Road, Yuendumu Road intersection and Yuelamu Access Road will be held on Friday 16th November 2012

The planned activities include:

10:00am  Meet at Yuendumu Shire Office.  Travel to Nyirripi detour works to inspect detour (40km), floodway upgrade (14km) and full maintenance grade by local crew.  There will be a ribbon cutting Ceremony across detour road with drinks and nibbles provided.

12.00pm We return to Yuendumu for general Community BBQ at the Shire Office including inspection of Yuendumu intersection works.

All welcome.