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Anmatjere Local Authority Buy New Band Equipment


 New band equipment was purchased by the Anmatjere Local Authority (LA) that will be used for discos that are an approved funded LA project. The discos have been postponed due to the Corona virus, and they will have everything in place ready to go when physical distancing laws have been removed.

 The discos will be run by Central Desert Regional Council (CDRC) Youth, Sport and Recreation in conjunction with the Community Services Manager (CSM) and the Community Safety Patrol at Nturiya, Pmara Jutunta and Wilora.

 Carl Inkamala is a member of the band that will be playing at the discos. He has been setting up the band equipment in the CDRC Anmatjere office for testing and familiarisation.

 “He doing a great job and enjoying the process, we at the office here in Ti tree are also enjoying the live music that he is creating,” said CDRC Community Services Manager Jason McKissock.

 Carl normally works as a Youth, Sport and Recreation Officer, but since the COVID-19 restrictions he has been helping out on the Works Team.

  “Carl is such an enthusiastic worker, and I am so glad he is enjoying the work he is doing, and keeping busy. From my end, it’s particularly exciting to see that Carl can continue to work on projects related to Youth, Sport and Recreation too, and planning for when the restrictions can be lifted,” said CDRC Youth Sport and Recreation Operations Coordinator Grace Barry.

The main photo shows Carl Inkamala testing the band equipment.


Anmatjere band equipment

Some of the band Equipment.