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Annual Report 2018-19 is now available

The 2018-19 Central Desert Regional Council Annual Report has been sent to the NT Minister and is now available. You can read it here or download a copy of the attachment below.

 Over the last year the Council has faced a number of challenges including a continued reduction in operational funding, ongoing cost shifting from other tiers of government and changes to significant funding agreements.  Despite these challenges the Council continues to deliver on major projects to meet the service delivery requirements of our remote indigenous communities. The President’s and CEO’s Report provides a good summary of the issues facing the Council.

 Our 2018-2019 Annual Report provides a summary of the achievements made by the Council in line with its Strategic Goals. Council is also moving towards a more financially sustainable future through its focus on productivity and service workflow. In 2018-19 Council achieved a surplus which will enable it to look at the creation of asset replacement reserves into the next budget cycle.

 The Council will continue to assess how best to meet the existing and future service delivery requirements of residents in our communities and will work in partnership with the Northern Territory Government, Commonwealth and other relevant stakeholders to ensure positive outcomes are achieved.

 Happy reading!

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