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Atitjere – Ready to Barbecue Anywhere


The Atitjere Local Authority (LA) decided they wanted barbecues in their community – and they got them. Two fixed barbecues were located at sites that the community wanted for family gatherings and social events, and a barbecue trailer is an asset to both Atitjere and the surrounding outstations, as it can be used for a variety of functions ranging from birthdays to funerals and everything in between.

Back in July 2020 the first barbecue was installed at the rear of the Recreation hall by Central Desert Regional Council (CDRC). It included an LED light.

The Atitjere recreation hall barbecue with the light on

The recreation hall barbecue with the light on.

The next barbecue was installed at the basketball court back in November 2020. This barbecue complimented another LA project – a 12m x 6m shade structure and picnic tables.  The barbecue was installed at one end of the shade structure and has a solar powered light installed above.  This site was also chosen as it is close to the playground and basketball court, an area that is central to the community and used often.  The installation was completed early November in time for Christmas.

Nathan Fishook, Scott Pinchbeck and Shane White with the barbecue at the Atitjere basketball court

Nathan Fishook, Field Officer, Scott Pinchbeck, Community Safety Program Coordinator, and Shane White, Works Supervisor with the barbecue at the basketball court.

The barbecue trailer fit-out was completed by Warren Kenney (Community Services Coordinator) and Scott Pinchbeck and is fully off grid, sporting a 130 watt solar panel, 120 amp-hour battery and solar charger, two 60 litre Engel fridge/freezers and LED lighting throughout. The fridge/freezers can be set up as either fridges or freezers or a combination of both. The fridges can be kept running on the battery alone for several days.  So far the barbecue has been used for a couple of Christmas events, sorry business and a couple of Youth, Sport and Recreation events.

Top photo: The completed barbecue trailer with slide-out hot plate.

Warren Kenney working on the electronics of the Atitjere barbecue trailer

Warren Kenney working on the electronics of the barbecue trailer.