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Atitjere Airstrip Temporarily Closed Due to Rain


UPDATE: As of 4 February the Atitjere airstrip is open until notified otherwise.

Yesterday’s widespread rain and continuing good quality rain overnight in Atitjere is good news for the dry community. It has also prompted an Unscheduled Airstrip Inspection by the Central Desert Regional Council.  The overnight rain and persistent showers today has made the runway and taxiway surface soft and unsafe for aircraft to use.

This morning the Atitjere Council Office requested that a NOTAM (Notice) be issued and the Atitjere Airstrip be closed to all aircraft.  Part of this procedure is to install a large white cross in the signal area next to the windsock.  This white cross is clearly visible from the air and notifies all passing aircraft that the airstrip is closed to all traffic.

The Bureau of Meteorology is predicting more rain in the area over the next few days.