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Atitjere Keeping it Clean


 The recent flow of information around Covid-19 appears to have been received loud and clear in Atitjere.  Along with “Wash your Hands” and “Hygiene” posters Central Desert Regional Council (CDRC) has also sent out a strong message about the importance of reducing the amount of rubbish lying around. 

  The community are cleaning up yards, bins were full and there has been an increase in the request for rubbish trailers as well.

  Wednesday (8 April) was bin day in Atitjere.  CDRC Field officers Nathan Fishook and Kyle Dunn reported a massive increase in the number of runs they did to the landfill site.  “We usually have three and half truckloads of rubbish on a Wednesday but yesterday we did eight loads to the tip,” said Kyle.

Field Officers Kyle Dunn and Trevor Blue empty another two bins (main photo).

Atitjere rubbish trailer

Lot 23 made good use of a rubbish trailer.