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Atitjere Solar Farm Shiny


 Central Desert Regional Council (CDRC) is responsible for maintaining the supply of electricity to the community of Atitjere, which includes the maintenance of the Atitjere solar farm.

 Shannon White, the Atitjere Essential Services Officer, looks after the site, which includes keeping the 720 panels shiny and controlling the weeds and grasses in and around the installation. In situations like the recent rains a couple of the Field Officers are allocated to help out, due to the boom in vegetation. 

 Shannon has a monthly schedule of maintenance on all the Power and Water Corporation sites.  This covers the power Station, solar compound, the bores and the water treatment system and storage tank sites.

 “It’s a lot for one person so usually the Works crew helps out a couple of times a year,” said CDRC Community Services Coordinator in Atitjere, Warren Kenney. “The solar farm goes a long way to help reducing the community’s reliance on fossil fuels. We estimate that it saves around 630 to 680 litres of diesel each week.”

Atitjere Solar farm drone shot