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CDP Roadshow in September

The Central Desert Regional Council (CDRC) Community Development Program (CDP) hosted roadshows in five of the nine CDRC communities in September to inform communities that the CDP is currently delivering COVID-19 safe face-to-face services to job seekers, operating at the ‘Increased Servicing’ stage. Job seeker attendance to activities and appointments is voluntary during this period, with no compliance applied if they choose not to attend.

During the roadshows, program staff made contact with jobseekers, school children, residents and stakeholders in Laramba, Ti Tree region, Willowra, Yuelamu and Yuendumu to let people know the program’s level of servicing through the COVID-19 period. Even the oldies from the Yuendumu Aged Care Program turned up at the CDP activity centre on one of the afternoons.

Job seekers who had kept regular phone contact with the program through the COVID-19 pandemic and attended the roadshow in their community were celebrated. Job seekers also had the opportunity to take part in a quiz as part of the program. It was a month of activities with lots of planning, handwashing, walking, talking and barbequing.

Photo: Lino Odwa, Caesar Tilmouth, Billy Briscoe, Martin Hagan, Tristan Wako and Jerome Glen in Laramba during the CDP roadshow.