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CDP Training Day

The Central Desert Regional Council (CDRC) Community Development Program (CDP) started the 2021 financial year upbeat, despite a challenging operating environment posed by the prevailing COVID-19 pandemic. Staff attended an in-house training session at the start of July, centred on engaging everyone in the program’s journey through the difficult pandemic time in the financial year ahead. Good group discussions were held and team members found the session engaging and informative.

All staff had an opportunity to present on their individual work experiences and commitments to the program and the Director of Community Services, Pip Parsonson was the guest speaker.

As part of his presentation, Pip drew three intersecting circles on a white board. One circle represented the values, goals, policies and procedures of CDRC, another represented the guidelines, policies and processes required of all CDP providers by the Federal Government and the third circle represented the values, passions, interests, prejudices and biases of any one of us as an individual.

Pip stated that it is important that we understand what is in all three circles and there was a ‘sweet spot’ in the middle when we can get all three circles intersecting. He urged staff to reflect on their personal values, attitudes, passions and prejudices so that we can be mindful and proactive in ensuring our individual personalities enhance the work we do.

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Diane Hood made a surprise visit and reiterated the importance of all staff continuing to align their behaviours to Council’s values and being able to clearly articulate these positive behaviours when nominating other staff for the CDRC Values awards.