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Central Desert appoints their first Local Authority

On Friday 4th April 2014, Central Desert Regional Council appointed their very first Local Authority.  

The community of Nyirripi recently held its Local Authority elections on community; during the lead up and nomination period there was great interest from community members to become a part of the Local Authority to provide a voice for their community. This resulted in a fantastic turn-out on the day.

Nyirripi is the first community in the Central Australian region to conduct the new Local Authority elections and a number of voting systems had been suggested to the community for how they wanted to decide on the members of the Local Authority.  

After some deliberation the community members decided together an appropriate system to put in place, this resulted in a quick and efficient outcome. After the voting process the staff of Central Desert Regional Council and a member of the Department of Local Government and Regions helped to count the votes.

“This is a very exciting time for the Council, appointing a Local Authority. Our communities are showing heaps of interest.” Said Adrian Dixon, President of Central Desert Regional Council. 

Nominations are current open in other Central Desert Regional Council communities and elections are scheduled over the next two months.  Local residents are encouraged find out about the local authorities and to lodge their nominations with their local Council office.

For more information about local authorities please the Local Authority pages or contact the Council's Governance Officer.