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Community Safety Patrol Started in Nyirripi


On Wednesday 14 July the Community Safety Patrol (CSP) successfully recommenced with a full CSP crew in Nyirripi. Nyirripi has lacked a CSP team for about 18 months and Central Desert Regional Council (CDRC) has been working with the community to encourage job applications, and have now employed a full team of four, two women and two men. They are Maxie Pollard, Antonia Wilson, Christine Curtis and Lance Turner. 

They plan to work six nights a week, splitting each night in to male and female shifts, with the women working the earlier part of the evening, meeting the men halfway through the night to let them know what’s been happening around community, and the men working the remainder.

The role of CSP is to increase personal and community safety across rural and remote Indigenous communities, and in particular to assist people at risk, including intoxicated people, juveniles, victims of violence and the homeless.

CSP contributes to ensuring the safety of children and youth in the community by undertaking operations that are focussed on minimising the number of children on the streets after dark and assisting to maximise the number of children attending school.

Photo above: Two of the new Nyirripi CSP crew members, Maxie Pollard and Antonia Wilson with CSP manager Jane Armstrong.

Nyirripi CSP vehicle

The Nyirripi CSP vehicle ready to go.