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CSP Conflict Resolution Training Part 2


The Central Desert Regional Council (CDRC) Community Safety Patrol (CSP) participated in more Conflict Resolution Training last week. It was held by Troy Degenhardt of Northern Territory Alternate Dispute Resolution and is a follow on from the training event that was held in June.  The staff who have come on board since then, or who were unable to make it to the original event, attended for five days, with the first three being a repeat of the previous course.  All staff (aside from Lajamanu and Nyirripi) attended Thursday and Friday to complete the course.

The participants are eligible to apply for accreditation as mediators if they want to practice formally/professionally.  The skills will certainly come in handy for de-escalating arguments between community members, and assisting in the smooth running of community meetings.

“What a relief that we decided to hold the Lajamanu training separately!” said Jane Armstrong, Manager Community Safety Patrols, referring to the Katherine lock-down.

Photo above: A group activity led by Troy Degenhardt.

 The whole team with Troy Degenhardt on the right.

The whole team with Troy Degenhardt on the right.