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Customer Satisfaction Survey in May

Central Desert Regional Council (CDRC) holds a Customer Satisfaction Survey twice a year, and next month is the first for 2021. CDRC staff will be coming to each of the communities asking questions about the quality of Council Services. This is an opportunity to help Council improve its services.

All answers remain anonymous, with no names recorded, and residents don’t have to answer the questions if they don’t want to.

They will be in these communities on the following dates:

Engawala: Tuesday 11 May

Yuelamu: Tuesday 11 May

Lajamanu: Wednesday 12 May

Willowra: Wednesday 12 May

Nyirripi: Wednesday 12 May

Yuendumu: Thursday 13 May

Laramba: Thursday 13 May

Atitjere: Friday 14 May

Anmatjere: Friday 14 May (includes Pmara Jutunta, Nturiya and Wilora)