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Engawala and Atitjere Battle of the Burn Pits


A recent visit to Engawala Community by the Atitjere Central Desert Regional Council (CDRC) works crew sparked some inter-community rivalry when they saw some of the new landfill improvement works there. One thing in particular that interested them was the new cardboard burn pit. The Engawala CDRC works crew have used some recycled materials to construct a very impressive new pit.

Since then, the Atitjere crew took on the challenge and designed a burn pit that they feel has lifted the bar even higher! They sourced some old leftover materials and have put together what they believe to be an even bigger and better cardboard pit.

“Both communities have been able to recycle, reuse and repurpose materials in order to design and build some very impressive structures. Great work by both the Engawala and Atitjere crews. We can’t wait to see what happens with the recycle bays,” said Warren Kenney, Manager, Council Services Delivery – East for CDRC.

Photo above: Darby Rankine, Nathan Fishook and Shane White of the Atitjere CDRC works crew.

 Atitjere cardboard pit

The new Atitjere cardboard pit.

 The cardboard pit in Engawala

The cardboard pit in Engawala that set the standard. It was built using recycled material.