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Family Wellbeing – It’s Everyone’s Responsibility

"A total focus and commitment to improving the lives of people living in remote communities in the Central Desert region;" that's the primary aim of Central Desert Regional Council's recently published Family Wellbeing Strategy: It's Everyone's Responsibility, according to Council President Adrian Dixon.

"The Family Wellbeing Strategy is the culmination of months of discussions and planning and sets the standard for the Council's effort. This is a really important document, it provides us with a roadmap of where we want to go and clear directions on how to get there," Mr Dixon said.

Mr Dixon considers that too often, well meaning people or services make an effort without much thought for what else is going on in the community or in people's lives. "In our lives, everything is connected to everything else. It's like the ripple effect. It means that when services are being provided, it's important that thought is given to other things that are happening that affect our lives. That means working together and that's everyone's responsibility."

The Family Wellbeing Strategy has family and community at its heart, clearly setting out how the Council will work to improve the lives of people living in the Central Desert Region.

Chief Executive Officer, Cathryn Hutton, explained that the Strategy is built on five pillars; appropriate and accessible community services, positive environments for young people, safe communities, respect for tradition and culture, and community involvement.

"The Council is a whole of life organisation. We provide services from the cradle to the grave. These five pillars provide us with the foundation of our effort. Whether we are talking about our community, our children, our youth, our adults, our community leaders or our elders, the five outcome areas drive who we partner with, what we do, and when and how we do it," Ms Hutton said.

The Family Wellbeing Strategy not only defines the aspirations of the Council but clearly establishes the key measures by which the performance of the Council will be judged. It sets the benchmark for delivery of integrated service delivery as well as better communication, cooperation and accountability across the Council Region.

"This Strategy raises the bar on the way we work. It challenges our staff and our partners to work together with our residents, to be held publicly accountable for our effort, and to take pride in going that extra yard to make a difference in people's lives. It's everyone's responsibility," Ms Hutton said.


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