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Heavy Rains Impact Entire Council

Many of Council's services were put under strain and/or interrupted as a result of the heavy rain event that occurred in December and January across the entire region.

All of Council's roads were closed at some stage which is unprecedented in Council's eight year history. Council's Works staff worked long and challenging hours to ensure road safety by assessing and monitoring road damage and closing and reopening roads. Nyirripi, Laramba and Engawala offices were closed briefly with Council staff stuck on the other side of swollen rivers. Similarly, staff and volunteers across all services were grounded in either Alice Springs or their home communities, unable to visit clients or deliver services.

Some services faced food shortages with the store truck unable to access community. Council staff purchased food in Alice Springs and, with the assistance of a local aviation company, arranged for it to be flown to community. Thankfully, whilst the roads were impassable, most airstrips remained undamaged meaning food was able to get in and stranded staff out.

The demand for Council services post-rain has also increased with a focus on assisting with fire, vermin and snake management by cutting grass and reinstating firebreaks.

Of course, the rains also bought amazing sunsets, flowing rivers, beautiful birdlife and stunning wildflowers.