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Increase in operational subsidy

President Adrian Dixon (pictured here with Minister McCarthy and Deputy President Patrick) and other delegates of LGANT met in Alice Springs today for the AGM.  At this meeting the Hon. Gerry McCarthy, Minister for Housing and Community Development announced an increase in the Operational Subsidy provided to regional councils and shires.  
The Operational Subsidy is paid to the Territory’s nine regional councils and three shires and has been fixed at $25.2 million since 2014.  This subsidy is an extremely important income stream for the Council and supports local employment and basic municipal services across the region.
"We welcome that increase in operational subsidy" said President Dxon.  "We were also pleased to hear that the new Labor Government recognises the importance of local government.  Our council is committed to working closely with the Government to ensure that our region gets the best quality services and the best outcomes possible."