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Indigenous Pathways to Senior Levels of Employment


Billy Briscoe, a Laramba indigenous man, has been acting in the Community Services Coordinator (CSC) role for several months. It was intended Billy would be mentored to step into the role by an on-the-ground manager, however this has not been possible. Billy has embraced the higher level of responsibility and is achieving key goals in Laramba, such as traffic management and rubbish reduction. Council generally adopts a mentoring approach from either senior roles or, where possible, the leaving employee who mentors their replacement.

On Thursday, Mike Murphy, the new Administration Officer, and Billy undertook training in Technology One, software that Central Desert Regional Council (CDRC) uses. Matt Wharton, Regional Services Manager, trained them to manage Budgets.

“I am proud of Billy and the Laramba civil team,” Matt said. “When I drove into Laramba I was surprised at how much work had been done by Billy and the team. It was great to see a local community person step up and do a great job.”

“This is why I love my job, to be part of the mentoring, training and development process of the local community,” he said.

 “It is intended to do more work on our Indigenous Employment Strategy and continue to improve our approach in providing pathways for our employees to be promoted,” said CDRC CEO Diane Hood. “One initiative which will be starting next year is we have budgeted for two indigenous trainees – one in Human Resources and one in Finance.”

Photo: Billy Briscoe and Mike Murphy using Tech One.