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Intergenerational Service Delivery

In recent strategic planning sessions, the Community Services Directorate has been exploring ways to provide culturally safe services that recognise the benefits of intergenerational interaction to promote community wellbeing. 
The premise is that an integrated intergenerational model is the most effective way of delivering better “cradle to grave” services.  It is envisaged that an integrated model will be community led and could service multiple client groups such as, children, youth, and the aged.  The focus of the integrated model would be on specific issues across the generations with the aim of providing a greater benefit to clients than a stand alone service potentially could.
Council will soon undertake consultations with the Engawala community and other stakeholders to gauge interest in exploring an intergenerational wellbeing service delivery model in that community.  This could potentially set a best practice standard that could be duplicated in other communities.