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New EBA for Council

The Council is very pleased to advise that on Tuesday 23rd July 2013, the new Enterprise Bargaining Agreement (EBA) was officially signed by the organisation. 

The EBA forms a cornerstone of the Shire Council’s commitment to better attracting, retaining and creating working conditions that will strike a balance between work and cultural demands.  Our staff have supported the EBA and we offer flexible work arrangements to help retain quality staff.

It is anticipated that the attraction of right employees for the right jobs will result in the employment and retention of staff who will better help the Council deliver services in a responsive and connected manner. 

The new EBA is a milestone in the organisation's development with the employees clearly committing to service delivery and safety outcomes.  "By embodying safety and service delivery within the EBA, the employees are demonstrating their commitment to achieving these outcomes.  I am extremely proud to working with employees who show this level of commitment to the organisation and the organisation's values" CEO Cathryn Hutton said at the signing.

Ms Hutton thanked the members of the EBA Committee.  Your hard work and commitment to see a fair deal has resulted in, what I believe to be, an excellent outcome for everyone.