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New Values Awards for CDRC


Central Desert Regional Council (CDRC) have introduced new staff Values Awards, which we’re aiming to implement every six months. These awards are for staff who have demonstrated the Council’s values as exemplars (serving as a model or ideal example of the value) and they must be nominated to win.

The CDRC values are: Strong and good leadership, Teamwork, Accountability, Integrity, and Respect, and these form the criteria for the awards.


The winners for the previous six months were:

For “Strong and good leadership” - Jason McKissock in Anmatjere.

“Working with stakeholders, particularly around Tidy Town initiatives, strong leadership with the Local Authority, mentoring of staff and always seeking organisational improvement first and then applying that to community improvement.” 

For “Teamwork” - Atitjere Works Team.

“Working together and helping each other, evident pride in the community, strong results with community waste management, true “quiet achievers” and excellence in depot management and safety.”

For “Integrity” - Marcus Briscoe, Yuelamu.

“Being open and honest in all dealings, organising the depot shed without being asked and improving safety, strong approach to Work Health and Safety, setting a strong example in wearing PPE and hard work.”

“Congratulations to all the winners,” said CDRC CEO, Diane Hood. “I look forward to more nominations in the next six months,” she added.