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Shires become Regional Councils

The Central Desert Shire Council will be renamed the Central Desert Regional Council with effect from the 1 January 2014.  This change of name is part of the changes to regional governance arrangements in the Northern Territory.  The changes are heralded by the Local Government Amendment Act 2013 which commenced on 8 November 2013. The Act strengthens local governance arrangements in regional and remote areas by:

  • introducing regional councils as a new category of local government councils (in addition to municipal and shire councils); and
  • introducing local authorities whose primary role is to improve and enhance community involvement in local governance including involvement in council planning and budgeting

President Adrian Dixon advised that he and the Councillors are "very proud of the achievements of the Central Desert Shire Council over the past five years.  Council believes that our Local Boards have provided a strong community voice which has been heard and acted on within Council.  The introduction of Local Authorities will further support the great work done by our Local Boards and community staff and we look forward to working with communities to transition to Local Authorities in the new year."  

The Council's signage and website will be updated gradually of the next six months to reflect the new name.  "We have taken the opportunity to refresh our branding" CEO Cathryn Hutton advised, "but the Council and community members strongly identify with the existing logo and thus the logo will remain almost unchanged."