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A solution to Yuelamu's water situation


The Yuelamu Local Authority were relieved and pleased by Power and Water's announcement that a solution has been found for Yuelamu's ongoing water issues.  

At their meeting on Thursday 8 September Power and Water outlined their plans to install a dual reticulation system to all houses in Yuelamu.  This system will see a single tap in each home providing safe drinking water.

The installation of the new piping and taps means residents will no longer need to access drinking water using the temporary single outlet point in the community which was introduced after a naturally occurring toxic algae bloom was found in the dam.

Power and Water advised that funding of $1.2M from the Northern Territory Government has been confirmed, including work to install the new system to people's homes and drilling of a new bore to ensure reliability of the current water supply.

Yuelamu's drinking water will continue to come from the borefield and be treated by the advanced water treatment plant. 

"Community members have been working with Power and Water to look for alternative water sources.  Unfortunately no alternative acquifers have been found so the community will continue to use the existing borefield," President Adrian Dixon advised.  "Although this puts pressure on the existing borefield, community residents have been working with Power and Water to reduce water usage in the community".  

In May 2015 Power and Water installed ‘smart’ water meters on all lots in the community to identify leaks and abnormal increases in water use.   The smart water meters in the community will continue to be monitored in 2016-17. This has proven effective in reducing excessive water consumption in the community.

"We understand that Power and Water is still working through land access issues with the CLC", President Dixon said, "however, we are hopeful that Yuelamu residents will have drinking water to their homes very soon."