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Southern Cup Basketball Competition


This weekend the Engawala Men’s basketball team will represent Central Desert Regional Council (CDRC) at the 2020 Southern Cup Basketball Tournament in Alice Springs. They will compete alongside teams from all over Central Australia in the two day tournament held over the weekend at the Alice Springs Basketball Stadium. The competition involves playing games of 5X5 (five a side) as well as 3X3 (three a side using half the court).

“I know that the men are excited to represent CDRC where we hope they will develop their skills on and off the court across the weekend,” said Aaron Tannahill, Youth, Sport and Recreation Operations Coordinator.

The competition will commence on Saturday at 8:30am, finishing at 5pm that day and on Sunday games will commence at 8:30am with finals held from 12:30pm. In addition, participants will complete a community coaching and referee education session on Friday night.

Photo: A game from last year’s competition.