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Tidy Yard Competition in Engawala a Clean Sweep



Michael Wehr of Lot 19 cleaned up first prize in the Engawala Tidy Yard Competition in September, ran by Central Desert Regional Council. The winning property is pictured.

The Police Officers from Harts Range gladly accepted the challenge of being the judges. They were very impressed with how tidy the small community of Engawala is.

Second place was awarded to Diane and Maureen Dixon of Lot 14 (CDRC employees) and third place/ most improved was MaryAnn Inkamala of Lot 6. Her daughter, Audrey Inkamala, accepted the prize on her behalf.

Great Effort awards were awarded to Maxie Kumara of Lot 8, Janine Tilmouth of Lot 26 and Davey Tilmouth of Lot 30.

The Engawala Store donated the first, second and third / most improved prizes – a $100 voucher, $75 voucher and $50 voucher respectively, to be used for healthy items only.

Central Desert Regional Council donated three $10 power cards to those who won a Great Effort Award.

Well done to everyone that participated.