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Tree Project for Laramba LA


The Laramba Local Authority (LA) proposed to plant some indigenous trees along the main road into the community, from the Childcare to the turn off at the school. The approved sacred site clearance is for trees on both sides of the road however the other side next to the oval has a power line, so there are plans to get shade trees that will not grow tall so as not to disturb the overhead line.

A contractor planted 17 trees with tree guards a few weeks ago and the Central Desert Regional Council (CDRC) Community Development Program (CDP) was tasked with the tree maintenance and management.  On 31 August Francis Madonko, Program Manager CDP Activities, visited Laramba to see how best they could manage the tree maintenance.

“I realised the contractor didn’t put basins around the trees, which is very important to allow water to collect so it can sink deep to encourage good root development and give the tree good anchoring,” he said.

With the help of job seekers, CDP collected some soil and made basins around the trees to help collect enough moisture for the trees when it rains. 

The project was also budgeted with a portable watering kit for each tree. They used concrete bricks collected from the tip to raise the water tanks so that gravity will make the water flow. To make the watering system less vulnerable to damage by kids they used three metal stakes (also from the tip) with flat sides to keep the tank secured by wire on top of the bricks. 

Each tank is installed with a water outlet that has been calibrated to have water drip every three seconds. Monitoring is taking place to check how long it takes the container to run dry, and the LA water trailer is used to fill them.

“As a landscaping fan this was a very exciting project to be a part of,” said Francis.

Photo above: Timothy Glenn, CDP Laramba Support Officer, watering a tree with a new basin, using the Laramba LA water trailer.

Some of the trees with their new basins and watering systems.

Some of the trees with their new basins and watering systems.