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What’s Happening in Youth, Sport and Recreation?!

The Central Desert Shire Youth, Sport and Recreation team has some big activities planned for the next few months. The annual softball tournament will again feature as a great activity for women whilst a series of concerts will be exciting for young and old. The Atitjere basketball competition, which was rained out in December, has also been rescheduled for April and looks like it will be another fantastic event.

The Shire’s eastern communities (Yuelamu, Laramba, Ti tree, Engawala and Atitjere) will be taking part in an exciting live music project during the April School Holidays. The ‘Youth Tunes Roadshow’ will see members of the CDS Youth, Sport and Recreation team travel to each of the communities during Youth Week to assist to host a concert and provide extra access to musical equipment and skills.  Speak with sport and recreation staff if you are keen to take part.

The Annual CDS Softball Championship will be on again from April. Communities have been placed in divisions that will compete in home and away matches and exact dates will be well advertised within your community. 

The winners of each division will be invited to compete against each other in the CDS Softball Championship which will be held in June. The Engawala ladies will be eagerly awaiting the tournament to show off their new uniforms which they fundraised for over several months.

Musicians and softball players are encouraged to start practicing now. The skill level of the softball team has built over the last few years, as proven by last years winners the Yuelamu Eagles who went on to win their division at the NT Championships. Any team that hopes to beat them this year will need a lot of practice beforehand. Whilst the Youth Tunes Roadshow is a first time event practice is just as important and the Youth, Sport and Recreation team is working to make equipment available to community members on request.

The delay in the Atitjere basketball competition means participants have longer to train and get their teams organised. Please speak to Sam Fisher, the Sport & Rec Community Leader, to find how you can be involved. Teams from other communities are also welcome providing they provide their own transport. 

The Softball and basketball tournaments and the Youth Tunes Road Show will be delivered by CDS Youth, Sport and Rec. with financial backing from the NT and Federal Governments.