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Willowra Community Clean Up and Car Removal


 In the past four months, the Works Team in Willowra have been busy with an ongoing community clean up including car removals.

 Field Officers Terence Payton and Junior Presley are new employees of Central Desert Regional Council (CDRC) and have been using the backhoe to remove the cars. So far twenty-eight cars have been cleared out of the community to the car “graveyard”.

 “I am very happy with the work they have done after only two weeks,” said CDRC Works Team Leader Maurice Lang. “Who would believe Willowra could look like it does after only four months in the job,” he added.

 Thanks to the past and present staff doing a good job, the football oval has improved a lot (main photo), and the basketball court and playground are in a very tidy state.

Willowra Council Office

The Willowra Council Office looking neat and tidy.