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Working Together to Make Community Life Safer

A new agreement signed between the Central Desert Regional Council and the Northern Territory Police has cleared the path for a closer working relationship.

The Agreement, signed by Acting Assistant Commissioner Kate Vanderlaan and Central Desert Council President Adrian Dixon, will provide a road map for Night Patrol and Police to coordinate their efforts to build safer communities.

Central Desert Regional Council President Adrian Dixon emphasised the importance of the two organisations working together.

Both the Night Patrol and Police aim to keep the community safe and trouble free. Sometimes our Night Patrollers can intervene before trouble starts. Sometimes they can help Police sort problems out by helping them understand relationships and whats going on. When this happens its really good for the community, Mr Dixon said.

Acting Assistant Commissioner Vanderlaan said that it is vital for the community, Police and Night Patrollers to understand their respective responsibilities.

Night Patrol is important for the community and plays a key role in preventing crime and anti-social behaviour. We are looking forward to having a closer working relationship with the Patrollers in the Central Desert Region, Acting Assistant Commissioner Vanderlaan said.

Central Desert Council CEO Cathryn Hutton said the Memorandum of Understanding is an overarching agreement between the Council and Police that sets out the general roles and responsibilities.

In each community we will develop a specific agreement that describes how Police and Night Patrol will relate to each other on a day to day basis, Ms Hutton says.