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Yuelamu and Engawala in Southern Cup this Weekend


This weekend at Alice Springs Basketball Stadium, the Yuelamu Men’s basketball team and Engawala Men’s Basketball team will represent Central Desert Regional Council (CDRC) at Southern Cup Basketball Tournament. The teams will travel to Alice Springs along with teams from all over Central Australia to compete in the two day tournament.

“It is great to see these two communities participating in the Southern Cup. We haven’t had Yuelamu representing Central Desert in a sporting competition for almost two years and I know that the men are excited to represent Central Desert, and Engawala have the opportunity to compete in the event for a second year running,” said Aaron Tannahill, Program Manager Youth, Sport and Recreation.

The competition will commence on Saturday at 10am and finishing at 5pm, and on Sunday the finals will be held in the morning. In addition, participants will complete a referee education session on Friday night.

Photo: Joseph Tilmouth at the 2020 Southern Cup representing Engawala.