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Yuelamu Constant Rain - Road Closures and Bogged Vehicles


Over the four days from 11-14 March there was a constant amount of rainfall in Yuelamu resulting in road closures and vehicles bogged.

“It was astonishing, the speed the water rose on Saturday. Within three hours the Napperby River rose by inches and the Tanami highway had water over the road in multiple locations,” said Tammi Booker, Central Desert Regional Council (CDRC) Community Services Coordinator in Yuelamu.

On the approach to Yuelamu from the Tanami highway the turnoff was completely covered in water making it only accessible to high clearance four wheel drives into the community.

This is a good reminder that if a road crossing is flooded, don’t try to cross it.

Napperby River flood 2021


The Napperby River on Saturday.

Yuelamu turn-off March 2021

The Yuelamu turnoff.