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Yuelamu Spooky Halloween Disco


The Central Desert Regional Council (CDRC) Youth Sport and Recreation (YSR) team held a Yuelamu Halloween disco on Saturday 23 October as part of school engagement tool.

Entry to the event was based on school attendance and the kids created spooky masks which was part of the school curriculum. There was a best mask prize awarded however all kids received a small prize for participating.

“We played the dance and freeze game which was a high light, and limbo,” said Vaughn Hampton, Team Leader - Youth and Community Safety, Yuelamu.

“All the kids had a blast as well as Tammi Booker, our Community Services Manager, teachers, parents and myself included,” he added.

Photo above: John Cook, a student at Yuelamu Primary School, with the Halloween mask that he made.

John Cook at the Yuelamu spooky disco.

John Cook at the Yuelamu spooky disco.