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Yuendumu Enjoyed Community Christmas Concert

Yuendumu School held a Community Christmas Concert Evening on 12/12/12. It was a community event, proudly supported by community members, all local community organizations and service providers to make it a success. The whole community was present at the School to enjoy the evening. Hundreds of people attended the concert.

The major attractions of this evening were: class-wise singing and dancing performances; Musical chair competition; Elders’ performance; Young men singing Yuendumu Football song; Teachers performance; and many more. And of course the Barbeque! Several prizes and certificates were distributed to the Kids, parents, staff and teachers for the PaCE colouring in competition. The prizes and certificates were also given to the high attendance students and a best disciplined-student.

During the concert senior boys and young men helped in the kitchen, preparing salads, fruit and organizing the barbecue. Likewise the senior girls were busy selling the cakes prepared by themselves.

The elders enjoyed singing with boomerangs. Six elders, without any preparation for the performance went to the stage and sang traditional songs then the kids (boys) spontaneously getting up to dance. There wasn’t any preparation for the boys but they danced exactly the traditional way. It was great to see the traditional performance by the elders and kids. Prior to the concert, the elders who are also the members of Yuendumu Mediation and Justice Committee met at Mediation Centre and had decided to show their (elders) talents on the concert.

Before everyone knocked-off, all of sudden Santa arrived on a Fire Truck and handed-out bubble packs and ice blocks. Not only the kids but almost all enjoyed bubbling!

It was great to see kids, young men and women, parents, elders, community members and people from community organizations relaxed, chatting and enjoying the time with the delicious food. Overall, it was a happy and joyful occasion for the whole school and the community. The function concluded around 10:00 pm. It was a memorable Night for everyone who came along.