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Yuendumu Sports Weekend is back

Yuendumu will once again come alive to the sounds of leather on leather, bat on ball, the swish of the basket, cheering crowds and healthy rivalries with the announcement that the community will hold its first Sports Weekend since 2011. 

In another measure of how far the community has come to build peace and maintain harmony, Central Desert Deputy Shire President, Councillor Robert Robertson, who is also Chairperson of the Yuendumu Mediation and Justice Committee, announced today that the community will once again hold the 2013 Yuendumu Sports Weekend from August 3rd to August 5th, the NT Picnic Day Long Weekend.

Councillor Robertson says the community can’t wait for the sports weekend and all hands will be on deck to make sure the weekend is a success.  “We are all really excited by the idea of having a Yuendumu sports weekends again.  It has always been a highlight.   Yuendumu has been through some tough times over the last couple of years but everyone has worked hard to resolve our differences.  We came together this week and decided that the time was right.  This is another great milestone.  It shows that we’re all ready to work together.” Mr Robertson said.

The Central Desert Shire is proud to support the 50th anniversary of this event.  Yuendumu considers itself as pioneer of community sports weekends as the the original sports weekend, held in 1963, was the first of its kind.  It is an important community building occasion and because the community has traditionally chosen the long weekend in August to host the event, it doesn’t interfere with school attendance. 

Central Desert Shire President Adrian Dixon said it was really important to ensure that families get back their kids home in time for school.  “We love these weekends because it gives families a chance to get together, to compete and to have lots of fun.  But its very important that we don’t forget to look after our kids.  I hope that the weekend will see a lot of people visiting and participating, but remember - be home in time for school”.  

Cathryn Hutton, CEO of the Central Desert Shire, said she was delighted to hear the good news that the sports weekend was back on the calendar.  “The Yuendumu Sports Weekend was known as Yuendumu Olympics, it was such a big and important event for remote central Australian communities.  Yuendumu is a proud community. People traveled for thousands of kilometres to be part of the competition.  The Community has worked hard to be in a position to hold the event again and celebrate such as significant anniversary.  The Central Desert Shire is proud to be able to promote this event.” Ms Hutton said.

For more information contact:  Madhu Pantee 0427185729