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Yuendumu water usage down by 37.14%

The NT Keep Australia Beautiful campaign is actively promoting water conservation through their annual awards and in November, it recognised Council’s Yuendumu Works crew for their ongoing efforts. 

In 2015 Council sought to get on board with water conservation and partnered with Power Water Corporation (PWC) to install smart metres across Yuendumu. 

The smart metres allow PWC to identify and track leaks.  Where appropriate, the leaks are repaired by Council staff or reported to other agencies if outside our jurisdiction.  Staff also conduct regular audits on taps and toilets within Council managed facilities and promote diligence to others, both inside and outside Council.

The award also recognised Council’s effort to establish a garden using sustainable techniques, the educational signage that has been erected around community and the impressive 37.14% decrease in water usage in council facilities in the 12 months to September 2016. 

The sustainability message will be further enhanced with a Council run community BBQ to celebrate the award in a community where water supplies are predicted to be very short lived. 

Council would also like to congratulate our colleagues at MacDonnell Shire who were winners in other categories.

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