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Council's Vision

Our Vision

Two Ways – One Outcome
Indigenous and non-Indigenous people working together.

Eastern Arrernte :: Atherrele ularreke – ularre anerremele mpwaretyeke.
Anmatjere :: Atherr ankwerr - anyent arrarteme
Warlpiri :: Yapa manu kardia jintangka nyinawyjaku

Our Mission

To work together in one spirit, guided by strong leadership and good management to provide high quality services across the Central Desert region.

Eastern Arrernte :: Apurte – irretyeke utnenge anyente arnte-arnte aremele iwerre arratentyele imperne anthurre ampere ahelhe anteke nhenhe arnte alkentye shire nhenhe areyenge.

Anmatjere :: Inkerrek le kwerrenhe le nwerne mpwaretyeke. Tyerretye purte le pmwaretyeke arnte arnte aremele anthemele rlkarlhe services Central Desert Shire.

Warlpiri :: Jukurrpala kirda manu kurdungurlu Warrijarrinyijaku jungu ngurrangka

Core Values


STRONG AND GOOD LEADERSHIP: applied courageously and uniformly across the organisation, constantly seeking organisational improvement.

TEAMWORK: all working together towards accomplishing common goals.

ACCOUNTABILITY: all taking personal responsibility for decisions and actions to achieve agreed outcomes and standards.

INTEGRITY: taking responsibility for honesty, trust and openness in all our actions.  

RESPECT: for each other, culture, language, community and environment.

Our Goals

Goal 1 :: Maintain and improve the health, culture and well being of the community.

Eastern Arrernte :: Mwantyele rlkerte akerte arnte-arnte aremele akangkentyele
aknangentyele tyerrtye Ingkerreke mwerre anenhewerretye akert arlke aremele.Arnte-arnte aremele interre iteremele rlkerte kenge akerte arlke akngantyeke arlke
tyerrtye akerteke ampere itne kenhe itne arle anemeke arlke.

Anmatjere :: Tyerretye mwarre arrkwetyeke, pmere mwarre arrkwetyeke, angketyeke mwarre arrkwetyeke, kwerrenhe mwarre arrkwetyeke, Ingkerreke mwarre anetyeke.

Warlpiri :: Jukurrpala mawyungka palypuru nyinanjaku ngurrangka

Goal 2 :: Well managed and maintained physical infrastructure.

Eastern Arrernte :: Mwantyele arnte-arnte areme ampere iwenhe apeke renhe ingkerreke-ke alakenhe akwele.

Anmatjere :: Mwarre arnte arnte areme, atemele, mpwareme, mwarre arrkwete anetyeke.

Warlpiri  ::  Murlparly warra-warra kanjaku. Warrki kirlangu nyiya karti-karti

Goal 3 :: A dynamic and growing economy with strong local employment.

Eastern Arrernte :: Ilyempenye anthurre amangele arle aneme mane mpwarelte anemele warrke arlke atningke akertele.

Anmatjere :: Kwenhe yanhe akwete arrkwetyeke. Economy amangke le leme. Warreke amangke le leme, tyerretye ke.

Warlpiri :: Nguru warlaljala warrki jarrinyjaku. Wirri mantujaku ngurra

Goal 4 :: A region that respects, protects and looks after its natural and  built  environment.

Eastern Arrernte :: Ahelhe anteke ingkerrekele arle arnte-arnte anthurre renhe, mwantyele ampere ahelhe anteke arerlte anemele.

Anmatjere :: Pmere atemele, pmere nhenhe arnte arnte aremele. Rubetye kwetyemele iwetyeke, pmere mwarre arrkwetyeke.

Warlpiri :: Murlparlu warra-warra kanjaku nguru walalja

Goal 5 :: Good leadership, effective advocacy and high quality services supported by good management practices.

Eastern Arrernte :: Ilyenpenye anthurrele akwele arnte-arnte arerlte anetyenhele mwantyele iterremele ilemele anthemele arlke services mwerre anthurre renhe itne apurtele nhenhe ikwerele arle warrke – irreme itne ingkerrekele.

Anmatjere :: Tyerretye mwarre atningkele angketye, anyinte awemele mpwareme, nhenge rlkarlhe mpwareme. Tyerretye mwarre arnte arnte aremele akaltyele.

Warlpiri :: Nguru walalja pirrjirdili martaka