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Visiting Communities

When you visit a Central Desert community on business we would like you to please:

  • Tell the Council Service Manager (CSM) at least one week before your visit why you want to come, what you plan to do, who you would like to see, how long you plan to stay and what help you would like.

  • Check again a day before you come in case something unforeseen has happened, for example sorry business

  • Reschedule your visit if the CSM gives you a reasonable explanation about why staff cannot meet with you or help you at the time you plan to visit

  • Respect travel restrictions because of law and culture business

  • Slow down and follow the speed signs

  • Report to the Council office before doing any work and ensure you are provided with a local briefing

  • Respect cultural areas and do not enter restricted areas

  • Be flexible

  • Keep your meetings brief

  • Pay for the use of Council offices, accommodation and equipment (if available)

  • Do not ask for Council staff out of hours, except for emergencies

  • Respect the privacy of residents’ camps and houses

  • If you are a contractor see the CSM before you leave

The Northern Territory Government has put together resources to help your visit to community be successful.  Please have a look at the Remote Engagement and Coordination Strategy and Toolkit available from or (external sites) .