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  • The community is located approximately 560 kms south west of Katherine, on the northern edge of the Tanami Desert and the eastern side of Hooker Creek. Access is via the sealed Buntine Highway and then via 100kms of unsealed road. Access can also be made from Alice Springs utilising the Tanami Road, which is unsealed and often in poor repair. By road the travel time is 6 hours drive to Katherine.

Council's activities in Lajamanu:]

  • Aged Care
  • Community Safety Patrol
  • Roads


No. Staff: 29 people (79% Indigenous)

Local Authority: Doris Lewis, Tracie Patrick, Jenny Johnson, Sheree Anderson, Elizabeth Ross, Joe Marshall, Andrew Johnson, Mike Doolan, Anthony Johnson, William Johnson, Brendan Simon

Ward Councillors: Cr Robert George, Cr Norbert Patrick



  • Sealing of internal roads
  • Speed bump installed near Child Care Centre
  • Defined parking bays near store
  • Improved storm water drainage under main road
  • New Holy Gound stage
  • Pedestrian crossing at store
  • New Landfill pit



Phone (08) 8974 5500
Fax (08) 8974 5501