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The community is located 205km north west of Alice Springs and it takes 2.5 hours to drive there. Access to the community is by the Napperby station road, which runs west from the Stuart Highway, 122 kms north of Alice Springs. The community is located 83 km from the turnoff.

Council's activities in Laramba:

No. Staff: 33 people (79% Indigenous)

Local Authority Members: Ron Hagen, Stephen Briscoe, Billy Briscoe, Deb Williams, Irene Floyd, Peter Stafford, Bessie Dixon.

Ward Councillors: Cr Adrian Dixon, Cr David McCormack, Cr James Glenn, Cr Audrey Inkamala.

Community Achievements (2015/2016):

  • Solar lighting installed at the Recreation Centre and Clinic
  • Sport & Recreation program experienced increased numbers
  • Installation of a new softball field to meet Softball Australian international playing standards allowing Laramba’s award winning softball team to host teams from around the regional
  • Installation of fencing around the softball field by CDP participants
  • Football goal post upgrade to AFL standards plus installation of solar lighting
  • Fencing upgrade to community houses
  • Completion of road curbing project
  • Instillation of visitors accommodation providing Council with an income generating asset
  • Preparation for new council staff housing
  • Two Early Childhood staff graduated from Certificate III in Children’s Services and have gone on to enrol Diploma of Children’s Services
  • One of Council’s Indigenous Early Childhood Educators was promoted to Assistant Coordinator     
  • The Laramba School Nutrition team prepared and provided 2,382 breakfasts, 7,146 lunches and 14,292 snacks, totalling 23,820 healthy meals for students attending school throughout the year
  • Back veranda and ramp replaced in the Aged Care facility
  • Significant maintenance undertaken on the Aged Care bathroom
  • Seven activities made available to CDP participants with 14,773 hours completed
  • Community Safety Patrol’s Morning School Attendance Strategy improving school attendance 

Phone (08) 8956 8765
Fax (08) 8956 8341